Colorado River Waves
May 13th-September 4th, 2021

River Surf League 2021 Tour

Spread the stoke of river surfing in Colorado

Registration opening soon
Registration closed


Metro Division

Course: 10 Waves Available on
South Platte
Clear Creek
  • 80.94 mi
  • 15
  • $10

West by South Division

Course: 8 Waves Available on
Arkansas River
Uncompahgre River
Animas River
  • 369.56 mi
  • 15
  • $10

West By North Division

Course: 7 Waves Available on
Eagle River
Colorado River
  • 162.02 mi
  • 15
  • $10

What is this?

10 Barrel Brewing is proud to present the River Surf League 2021 Tour.  River Surf League is a "virtual" river surfing competition where you compete against one another and raise the stoke of river surfing in Colorado.  A portion of registration fees benefits the Colorado River Surfing Association a 501(c)3 non-profit.


How does it work?

Enter any or all of the divisions you'd like to surf.

Get out there and surf from May 14th through July 31st!

Record yourself riding the waves and sending tricks.

Upload videos via the Activity Feed (as many times as you like). Your best submissions will count towards awards

Also, when you submit a video, you'll unlock cool perks from local retailers.

Judges will review, score, and award prizes throughout the course of the competition.


Video submissions

Submit your videos as .mov files.

Please keep them to about 1 minute long

Make sure they don't include copyrighted music

Please keep them socially acceptable (G-rated if at all possible for language)


Are you Judging me?

Yes, yes we are.  Particularly we'll be judging entires based on these Categories:

Best Wave - Girl Groms (<18 years old)

Best Wave - Boy Groms (<18 years old)

Best Wave - Women (18+ years old)

Best Wave - Men (18+ years old)




Special Judging Categories

"KICKFLIP" - No one has pulled this off in the Colorado River Scene yet!!!

"BEST TRICK" - Sendy McSenderson #ftw

"BEST WILSON"- aka best fall (FYI: intentional endangerment/injury does not qualify)

"ROOKIE AWARD"- First timers only. Show us sticking your first full ride.

"BEST IMPROVED"- Surfer who submits several videos and gets better the best over the competition.

"OLD FARTS" (50+ Women & Men)

"MOST ARTISTIC VIDEO"- Most visually appealing to watch.

"WAVE HUNTER"- Person who got the best ride on an unknown wave.

"BEST FAN"- Person who cheered on other in video(s).

"BEST RIVER SURFING STEWARD"- People supporting the river surfing scene be it pickup trash, chase down a board, help someone out in need while in the river, etc.


The Small (but important) Print:

Surf within ability

Surf with safety gear

Know before you go (check river flows and hazards)

Surf with others

Have fun & Send it!


Need directions to the Waves? Here you go!



South Platte

Miracle Wave
Reynolds Landing
Union Chutes
River Run Park
Beaver Wave
16th Street Wave
Trestle Wave
Dave’s Wave


Clear Creek





Arkansas River

Buena Vista Park
Canyon Doors
Salida Park
Florence River Park
Pueblo Park


Uncompahgre River

Montrose Park


Animas River

Durango Town Waves




Eagle River

Eagle Whitewater Park


Colorado River

Pumphouse Wave
Glenwood Wave
Big Sur
Lucky 7
Las Colonias
5th St Wave (GJ)


Bonus points

Send us photos and videos of your kit and race attempts. Tag it #RiverSurfLeague and #10barrel on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or whatever you use to communicate with those in the know.  Or message us using the blue help bubble in the lower right corner on each page of this site.  The coolest and most creative submissions will get bonus prizes.


Need help?

Message us using the blue help bubble in the lower right corner on each page of this site.


Latest Race Efforts
Long Course
Jason Wiener
Short Course
Pat McMahon
Long Course
Robert Paulson
Long Course
Jason Wiener
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Important Dates



Registration Opens
Check back on May 13 @ 11:00 pm to register for races



Registration Closes
Be sure to register for races before September 4 @ 11:00 pm



Racing Starts!
You can start running your race efforts beginning May 13 @ 11:00 pm



Racing Ends
You must complete your race efforts and sync them by September 4 @ 11:00 pm